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Ducks, Drones, Confusionism and the US Department of Everything  |  December 20
To end 2012 we recall a report that each year, anything between 2,000 and 10,000 containers tumble off ships into the sea. They don't make news. But when the containers in question were full of rubber ducks, and when those ducks are still, endlessly and unsinkably, wandering the watery ways of the world and washing up on beaches thousands of miles from the spill, the story remains irresistible
Syria and the doctrine of small wars  |  December 18
This newsletter, and further newsletters we will publish in the run up to the new-year, will include materials that we trust will provide interesting reading. We include in this edition a number of articles from the Journal of Small Wars, Der Spiegel international and the Institute for the Study of War
Aviation Security Initiatives II  |  December 16
Two teams led by Boeing Research & Technology have completed 18-month studies on that question and have submitted their findings to NASA under a program called N+3, which denotes three generations beyond the current transport fleet.
Third Party Auditing - III  |  December 15
This newsletter continues the discussion on third party auditing. Once again we ask if experiences from the safety area are relevant.
Third Party Auditing II ( The new Global Rulers)  |  December 11
In a follow up to our newsletter of Friday last, we provide the response of Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) to the Ali Enterprises fire in Karachi.
Challenges of Third Party Auditing  |  December 09
This newsletter reports on a recent fire in a Pakestani apparel plant which had been “certified” as safe by inspectors who had provided it with a prestigious SA 8000 certification, meaning it had met international standards in nine areas, including health and safety, child labor and minimum wages
Nothing to loose by the supply chain  |  December 07
This newsletter includes three transportation and supply chain related EU and US reports that highlight the complexities of democratic citizen activism in the context of changing and complex politics.
Aviation Security Initiatives  |  December 05
RAND Corporation recently evaluated a terrorism risk modeling tool developed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Boeing to help guide program planning for aviation security; the Risk Management Analysis Tool, or RMAT
Aviation Updates  |  May 11
Berlins new airport; Lufthansa; Boeing and Airbus deliveries; UK is a target for Middle East carriers; Rayanair business model; Delta buys an oil refinery.