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Airbus Global Market Forecast 2010 -2029  |  December 27
Earlier this month Airbus upgraded its long-term global market forecast to reflect faster-than-expected traffic growth, accelerated replacement of older jets in mature markets and dynamic growth of demand in emerging market countries.
Screening and Securing Air Cargo  |  December 12
A US Congressional Research Service (CRS) recent report is entitled Screening and Securing Air Cargo: Background and Issues for Congress. Although CRS is independent from air cargo regulatory authorities and industry stakeholders, its reports are widely read by lawmakers, and as such influence the regulatory process in the US.
US legislation for 100% screening on all cargo aircraft  |  December 06
US Representative Edward J. Markey, author of the 2007 law that requires 100% screening of all air cargo transported on domestic passenger planes and all international passenger planes entering the United States, has introduced the Air Cargo Security Act
GAO Report on Foreign Government Compliance with International Aviation Security Standards  |  December 03
On Dec 2 2010, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) published testimony before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. The testimony is entitled: Aviation Security - DHS Has Taken Steps to Enhance International Aviation Security and Facilitate Compliance with International Standards, but Challenges Remain
EU Internal Security Strategy and Crime in the Supply Chain  |  December 02
"EU internal security has traditionally been following a silo mentality, focusing on one area at a time. Now we take a common approach on how to respond to the security threats and challenges ahead. Terrorism, organised, cross-border and cyber crime, and crises and disasters are areas where we need to combine our efforts and work together in order to increase the security of our citizens, businesses, and societies across the EU. This strategy outlines the threats ahead and the necessary actions we must take in order to be able to fight them.