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Aviation Security
Air Cargo Security
Air Cargo Security
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Validating Known Consignors - An EU and International Challenge  |  June 06
Known consignor (or trusted shipper) programmes where shippers must be validated by independent auditors or government inspectors, are becoming the standard for securing air cargo transported on passenger aircraft in the EU and the US. In the EU these voluntary procedures are specified under Regulation No (EC) 300/2008 and implementing Regulation No (EU) 185/2010.
Reporting Security Incidents and Third-country Oversight  |  April 29
A final rule issued by Transportation Security Administration (TSA), effective May 23, 2011, establishes the process for persons reporting to TSA regarding any transportation-related security problem, deficiency, or vulnerability. A report by the US Transport Workers Union (TWU) discusses gaps in training, oversight and screening of third- party mechanics
EU - US Civil Aviation Safety Agreement  |  March 29
On March 15th, 2011, the European Council authorised the conclusion of an agreement between the EU and the US on cooperation in the regulation of civil aviation safety (originally) signed in June 2008.
Statements at US Government Hearings on International Air Cargo Security  |  March 04
Testimony at a hearing before the Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security, of the US House of Representatives on Securing air Cargo from the Threat of Terrorism.
Enhanced Levels of Air Cargo Security Cooperation  |  January 28
An update on the requirement for 100% screening on air cargo on passenger aircraft inbound for the U.S. and testimony at a number of US Senate hearings held towards the end of 2010.