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Structured Democratic Dialogue Process
Aviation Security
Air Cargo Security
Statements at US Government Hearings on International Air Cargo Security

The newsletter includes extracts from statements delivered by:

The newsletter highlights comments of the participants relating to international co-operation, related to the goal of achieving 100% screening for all air cargo entering the USA by 31st December 2011.

The Newsletter also provides a link to a TSA presentation from February 2011, entitled 100% Cargo Screening Legislation: Post-August 1st 2010. The TSA presentation lists the top 20 Countries that represent 84% of total US inbound PAX volume; describes the two fold international approach of TSA (changes to Air Carrier Security Programs and to National Country Security Programs (based on six evaluation criteria); and indicates the NCSP Recognition process adopted by TSA. It further describes new proposed US air cargo security legislation.

The TSA presentation can be viewed at:

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